10 Most Iconic Australian Dishes-Guide 101

We are creating a list of the top 10 most iconic Australian dishes. The list is split into two since we have disclosed everything that needs to be said. Without further ado, let’s kick things off.

  1. Pavlova

There is a culinary war that is fought since its inception. The Pavlova is said to have originated in Perth as a tribute to the Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova. But culinary experts in New Zealand believe that the exquisite desert actually originated from New Zealand and not from Australia. For decades, people have tried to decipher the true lineage of the famed desert, but to no avail. Since this list is about the most iconic dishes in Australia, we are leaning towards Australia as the point of origin.

  1. Chiko Roll

The Wagga Wagga Agriculture show has been the birthplace of a number of famed Australian dishes. But among those, one particular dish stands out. It is the Chiko Roll that premiered in 1951. For decades, it has been one of the most sought-after Australian dishes, and many compare it to the British’s craving for a fine plate of Fish and Chips. There is actually a lot of thought that has gone into the food that many believe to be simple. The Chiko roll was so designed to be the perfect food to eat during sports; because on the one hand you can hold the Chiko roll and on the other, you can hold the beer.

  1. Meat Pie

We have to admit that the Meat Pie did not originate from Australia, but Australia has truly made it a part of its culture. The Meat Pie can be seen as a staple in almost all sports canteens and service stations. The food is a famous street food that is loved by millions of Australians. Nothing sounds better than meat and gravy filled pastry on warm Australia day while traveling in a stretch limousine to your favorite destination.


  1. Splice

It comes as a surprise that splice is being referred to on a list of iconic dishes. But hear us out, and our argument might make more sense to why we put splice on the list. Since its inception and commercial release, splice has received cult status. Something that has become so popular that it was extremely difficult for us to avoid including it. It has its peak years during the early 70s to the late 80s but has continued to stay relevant despite the culinary revolutions that the country has experienced over the last two decades.

  1. Lamingtons

The Lamington is another dish that is hotly contested between New Zealand and Australia for its place of origin. But it is said that the desert was first given to Lord Lamington of Queensland; he received a sponge cake that was dipped in chocolate icing and rolled in powdered coconut. The dessert was an instant hit, and thus the lamingtons were born. For this article, this is the story we are going to believe and refer to.