10 Most Iconic Australian Dishes-Guide 102

Thank you for all the love and support that you showed us in our previous article. We have decided to stay true to our word and finish the series.

  1. Vegemite

Australia has genuinely embraced vegemite as the number one source for all things Vitamin B. It might seem strange for most non-Australians who are reading this list, but Australia has taken the Vegemite craze to new levels. The locals believe that it is more than just a vitamin supplement, as they say, it is a source of flavouring more than anything else.

  1. Sausage Sanger

The United States has the wiener roast or the much-beloved hotdog; Australia has its own version, and it is called the Sausage Sanger. The Sausage sanger is a straightforward dish and can be found in almost any place in Australia. To make it all you need is a good slice of bread and a sausage soaked in gravy to place in the middle. The gravy is the essential ingredient that makes a world of difference to the whole thing.

  1. Weet-Bix

How can we not add one of Australia’s most preferred snack on the list of iconic Australian Dishes? The Weet-Bix is more than just a snack; it is the breakfast choice of scores of Australians who want a yummy and nutritious choice instead of going for a substantial breakfast. The Weet-Bix is known to be rich in fibre and is taken along with a large serving of milk. The key to eating Weet-Bix is to eat it while the crunch lasts and before the sogginess sets in.

  1. Anzac biscuit

We are adding the Anzac biscuit over other choices because of our undying love for the biscuit. We might be cheating, as we are moving away from a stance of objectiveness. But could you really blame us? The Anzac biscuit has its origins from WWI, and although it has stood the test of times, it has dramatically changed over the years. But the brand and the following don’t seem like dying anytime soon.


  1. Neenish Tart

The Neenish tart is one of the best things that you will ever taste. The Tart’s origin is shrouded in mystery yet again, and many believe that it was definitely from the Australian region, but questions still remain as to who first came up with the concept. The Neenish tarts are a gelatine-set cream-filled delight and one that is rich in flavour and awesomeness.

Hope you enjoyed our blog on the most famous Australian dishes. While we don’t actually offer these yummy dishes in our Brisbane restaurants, we do have a fantastic menu of tasty cuisine from all over the world.